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Washington, D.C. Waterfront

About the Potomac River and Washington D.C. 

The Potomac River is one of the Chesapeake Bay's more popular cruising destinations. Boat to the hub of American history, politics and the Nation's Capital, where you can dock easily at The Yards Marina in Washington, D.C. Next, take a cruise down the river, making sure to stop at quaint towns along the way! We love Occoquan for its spooky vibe, and it doesn't get better than sipping a cold one at Tim's Tiki Bar at Coles Point Marina. 

Sure, exploring the Potomac River by boat is a journey in itself, but the fun marinas along the route make it a journey to remember. As you can see from our blog, we love it here. This is our hat tip to all the amazing Washington, D.C. and Potomac River marinas who are ready to welcome you - our adventurous boaters!

So, you may be asking yourself, who are "we"? We are the team from Snag-A-Slip, the fastest and easiest way to find awesome marinas and boat slips online. We spend a lot of time on the Potomac River, visiting some favorite hot spots in Washington, D.C. and enjoying the laid back lifestyle down the river by the Bay. You can learn more about Snag-A-Slip here, and you can download our mobile apps in Google Play and the App Store. We hope to see you on the water soon!


- The Snag-A-Slip Team

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